59.90€ (incl. 24% VAT)

Name: TreborAnit

Size: 46cm x 23cm x 23cm, Weight: 0.6 kg, Material: Polyester

Colour: Light Grey

Purpose: To represent being different. To represent being Rare

Features: Two zippers running along the sides of the bag. One of them opens the main compartment, the other opens a side pocket for keys, headphones etc.

On one of the short sides of the bag you find another compartment with breathing capacity for dirty shoes and clothes (washable inner bag). The other short side has a net pocket where the average RareBastard keeps their banana or fruit of choice.

The bag also comes with a removable shoulderstrap and a genuine smile. More pictures are constantly uploaded on our instagram @RareBastards !

Designed in Finland, Created in China.

If you’re later in anyway unhappy with the bag or if you change your mind after your purchase, no worries! You have the right to return it within two weeks and be 100% refunded!

Read more about this under the “Policy” section!

8 thoughts on “TreborAnit

  1. Love the thing about being different, we all are different and not supposed to walk the path of ” normal” dare to be yorself!!💪💪💪👍👍👍🇫🇮🇫🇮🇫🇮

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