Our products are for people who dare to be different, who dare to be themselves.

Through our values we want to inspire confidence in other people.

We are building a community around our brand with Bastards who relate to our values. To be able to own our products you have to be a member of this community, our products are for members only.

(Here you find instructions on how you apply for a membership)

As a member you get invited to a closed page where we give you Behind the Scenes updates. On this page you also get to influence our brand by giving your own opinions and thoughts on our not-yet-released products and their details.

You will be a part of the process, You will be a part of us.

Behind the Brand


My name is Andreij Selänniemi and I’m no one you’ve heard of. I’m a 24-year-old weirdo from Vaasa, Finland, who wanted to create something of value and clear purpose:

A community built around a brand that represents people who Dare to be Different. I´ve never been afraid of being who I am, so I started to look for similar people.

A Bastard is light in darkness and a smile in hard times. A Bastard is Weird, a Bastard is Different.

All social media: @rarebastards

 ✆ :  +358504074864

✉ : contact@rarebastards.com


Feel free to ask us anything! We guarantee fast and honest response!