Frequently Asked Questions

What do I get as a member?

You become a part of a brand that stands for being Different.

Our products are for members only.

  • You get a behind-the-scenes experience
  • You get your own personal Invitation Code that you can use to invite more like-minded people.
  • We invite you to our closed page where we update our members on EVERYTHING. Not just the “gucci stuff” but also roadblocks, problems and unexpected issues.
  • Through our updates you will get the opportunity to learn a lot about creating products, how you can solve problems and what those problems might be.
  • You will have access to the story behind each and every product we create, why that product is important and what it represents
  • You will also be able to influence our future products by participating in votes or giving your own ideas and thoughts on the things that we are working on.

You will be a part of the process, you will be a part of us.

What do you want from your members?

We don’t demand anything. How involved you are in our community is entirely up to you.

The membership is there to enable us to provide more value to the people who are interested in what we are creating.

We will ask for thoughts on future products and you can be a part of influencing our brand if you want, simply by giving your own ideas and opinions.

Our members have the opportunity to vote on different ideas, product specific details, strategies and so forth. But as earlier stated: We don’t demand anything, it’s just our way of creating a fun and different experience.

Are there any running costs?

Definitely not. Our products are your way in to our community and they represent who you are and your membership. If your application is approved, you will get a confirmation email where you pay for your product and get invited to our closed page. Besides your product, there are no charges what so ever for your membership.

To gain access to our products you have to be a member, and to become a member you have to get invited.

Here you find clear instructions on how you apply for membership.

Once you own what we have created, you’re in. There are no more costs after that.

Do I have to buy your future products as a member?

Nope! We involve our Bastards in the process of creating new products because we want to give a fun and different experience.

It’s something we do to offer you more value and it also enables us to create better products.

Is a membership time-consuming?

How involved you are in our community is entirely up to you.

If you just happen to love our products there’s nothing wrong with joining us for that reason, as long as you stand for the same values as we do.

We don’t demand you to influence our products, read every update or comment every post if you don’t want to. What’s important to us is that you relate to what we stand for:

To Dare to be Different.

Having members that all relate to the same values gives us a united front, and that enables us to fulfill our long-term goal: to Inspire confidence in other people.

How do I order your products as a member?

Simple: You message us on social media (@rarebastards) or on our closed page for members only, with the product and size you want! After that we will send you an email with payment information.

Do I have to advertise your products as a member?

Definitely not! We’re focused on creating a fun and different experience, which is why we do not have “demands” or “tasks” for our members. The membership is simply there to enable us to provide as much value as possible, to people who relate to what we are all about:

To have the courage to be Different.

We’re not only a brand. We’re an experience – a Tribe.

You will be a part of the process, you will be a part of us.

If you have questions that are not answered here, please don’t hesitate to contact us!