Price: 109.90€ (incl. 24% VAT)

Name: ACE

Size: Smaller (Bigger is SOLD OUT)

  • If you’re shorter than 175cm, choose Smaller
  • If you’re taller than 175cm, choose Bigger
  • If you’re between 174-176cm, choose Smaller for a tight fit and Bigger for a loose

Material: Handmade out of 100% Egyptian Cotton

  • Silky Clean outside and Baby Smooth inside

Colour: Matte black with gold details

Purpose: To represent being different. To represent being Rare

Features: Unisex Robe for Bastards, Ballers & Weirdos

  • The number One Robe for Bastards
  • Only 99 available pieces
  • 2 ACE embroideries on the belt
  • Ambition embroidery on the back
  • Logo embroidery on the front
  • Designed in Finland, Created in China

Availability: For current members and for people who have received an invitation

More Gucci information and pictures will be uploaded on our instagram @RareBastards !

Read more about being a member here.

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