What Are We?

An invitation-only brand and Tribe for people who Dare to be Different.

We are currently 439 individually invited and approved members in 161 cities, 11 different countries.

To become a member you have to receive an invitation.

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Our products are for people who dare to be different, who dare to be themselves.

Through our values we want to encourage people to own who they are.

We are building a Tribe around our brand with Bastards who relate to what we are all about. To get access to our products you first have to receive an invitation to join this Tribe, since our products are for members only.

As a member you become a part of a closed page where we give you Behind-the-Scenes updates. On this page you also get to influence our brand by giving your own thoughts on our not-yet-released products and their details.

You will be a part of the process, You will be one of us.

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What Now?


Hopefully what brought you here was an invitation to join our Tribe.

If so, send in your application here using the provided Invitation Code. After we’ve received your application we will contact you by email.

If you haven’t been invited, we hope you’re Rare enough for us to find you. Without an invitation you unfortunately won’t be able to join.

Read more about being a member under Frequently Asked Questions.

See you on the other side, Damn Bastard!

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