Price: 69.90€ (incl. 24% VAT)

Name: 1935

Developed by using the science of Finnish Sisu, produced by the strength of Perkele.

Only available to members, designed and created in the place many of us call home. 1935 is released in an extremely limited amount of 14 pieces and each unit has its own individual number.
For weirdos, underdogs & misfits. For Bastards who Dare to be Different.

Size: S – L (XS IS SOLD OUT)

Material: 96% Cotton, 4% Lycra Spandex

Colour: White. Bastard White

Purpose: To represent being different, being weird. To represent being Rare

Features: Unisex t-shirt. Our size chart is optimized to fit both genders

  • Black chest and rib print
  • Neck print with individual numbering (inside of the t-shirt)
    • Produced in 14 Rare pieces
  • Finnish flag tag
  • Logo tag
  • High-quality cotton and lycra spandex blend with 40% four-way stretch for comfort and ease
  • Handmade in Helsinki, Finland

Females: Choose one size smaller than what you usually wear. (If you normally buy size M – choose size S for an optimized fit).

Males: Choose your normal size.

Availability: For current members and for people who have received an invitation.

If you want to become a member and get access to our products, but you havn’t been invited, send in your application using Invitation Code: BlazingBastard. If you’re accepted into our Tribe you will be contacted through Email.

More information and pictures will be uploaded on our instagram @RareBastards !

Read more about being a member here.

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