A Tribe for people who Dare to be Different. Our products are for people who dare to be different, who dare to be themselves.

Through our values we want to encourage people to own who they are.

We are building a Tribe around our brand with Bastards who relate to what we are all about.

While our products are available to everyone, they are exclusively accessed by our members. To join our community, you will need to receive an invitation, as our products are primarily offered to our valued members. However, we also have a few select products that may be available to non-members as well.

To learn more about membership, go to membership.

The Bastardized Lookbook


Why is the standard design of an umbrella so lame? Just because... 


We’re dedicating this product to people who radiate positivity – to those... 


Introducing the Yellow Drawstring Bag, the ultimate statement piece for those who... 


A Tribe for people who Dare to be Different.

We are currently 500+ individually invited and approved members in 176 cities, 11 different countries.

To become a member you have to receive an invitation from a member or by going through our membership registration process. Apply now.

Our purpose is to encourage people to be themselves and do their own thing. 

Our brand is more than just clothing apparel. We want people to feel the brand's message when proudly wearing the clothes.

According to a study conducted in 2022, 84.6% of our members consider their membership to be highly valuable (scale 4 out of 4 in value) and 100% would miss their membership if it would be cancelled