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Bullet - Coffeemug (Members only)

Bullet - Coffeemug (Members only)

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Introducing Bullet, the ceramic mug with godlike potential! With its rare ability to relax you through tea and energize you through coffee, this mug is like no other. Plus, it's safe to heat in the microwave and you can clean it in the dishwasher, making it both convenient and practical.

But what really sets Bullet apart is its ability to transform your drinking experience. Whether you need a moment of calm or a boost of energy, this mug has got you covered. And with its stylish design and high-quality ceramic construction, it's the perfect accessory for any home or office.

Might be good to know: 

Capacity: 300ml

Material: Ceramic

Colour: Matte black surface / black polished inside

Purpose: To represent being different. To represent being Rare

Features: a mug for Bastards, and Bastards only

  • A limited edition release, made in 48 unique pieces, MEMBERS-ONLY
  • Front + bottom print
  • Designed in Finland, created in Poland
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